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SICK has been at the forefront of industrial sensor development since 1946. Whether you are looking for factory, logistics or process automation, we have the products, expertise and insight to bring you the best solutions.

Industrial Sensors help robots make intelligent decisions and give them the ability to sense objects, the environment, or their own position. Thanks to sensors from SICK, robots perceive more precisely – essential for close collaboration.

SICK is a provider of solutions in the form of products, systems & services for all challenges in the field of robotics: Robot Vision, Safe Robotics, End-of-Arm Tooling, and Position Feedback.

Pilz GmbH & Co. KG is technology leader in safe automation technology. In this area, Pilz is consistently developing a role as a total solutions supplier with solutions for safety and automation technology.

The objective of Pilz is to automate machines and plants in such a way that the safety of man, machine and environment is always guaranteed.

In addition to the head office in Ostfildern near Stuttgart, the family business is represented by over 40 subsidiaries and branches on all continents.

Universal Robots believes that collaborative robotic technology can benefit all aspects of task-based businesses – no matter their size.

Our robot arms are advanced tools that can be used by all levels of production staff to help increase productivity, reduce injury, and boost morale. With a Universal Robots robot arm, you can automate and streamline repetitive or potentially unsafe processes, so staff can be assigned to jobs that provide them with new challenges.

Our robots are flexible, easy to set up and have an average payback period of just six months.

We’re dedicated to making the world a better place, one robot at a time.

The internet of things, industry 4.0 and smart production – even if the name varies, it is always about the seamless connection of the digital and real worlds. As a thought leader and trailblazer for industry 4.0, KUKA is playing a decisive role in this shift towards networked, intelligent production.

The optimisation of robots from KUKA can support ultra-efficient smart factories. Mobile robotics, collaborative robots, mobile platforms and cloud based solutions are just some of the technologies that are currently being utilised by businesses who want to make their production environments more market and demand appropriate by employing robotic technology.

The medium-sized, family-run company based in Gottenheim near Freiburg and in Wieden near Todtnau, develops, produces and sells sensors for factory automation. The main focus is on optoelectronic sensors and camera-based vision sensors, which are used for many purposes in industrial applications – e.g. for object/colour detection or distance measurement.

SensoPart is synonymous with flexibility and stands for innovative, high-performance products made in Germany. The company has received numerous distinctions for its work, including a recent 1st place in the Automation Award, and has been the winner of the German Sensor Application Prize several times.

SMC are leaders in pneumatics and experts in automation. With sales offices in 82 countries around the world and 51 subsidiaries at key global locations SMC’s focus is firmly on product improvement and development.

This focus means that SMC’s product portfolio has rapidly expanded to include a growing range of non-pneumatic components including electric drives, controls and both temperature and static control equipment.

With over 12,000 standard products, available in more than 700,000 variant forms, SMC can help you increase your productivity and reduce your costs whilst ensuring maximum operator safety.