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Omron Industrial Automation is a leading manufacturer of technologically advanced automation products and worldwide supplier of application expertise. It is part of the global Omron Corporation, which has been anticipating and fulfilling social and industrial needs since 1933. With an annual turnover of $6.6bn and 39,000 employees, offering products and services in over 110 nations and regions, Omron’s has an extensive global network to meet the needs of our customers.

Omron’s portfolio of automation products, which includes control, motion, robotics, visualistion, software, sensing, safety, machine vision & panel components provides a complete solution for manufacturers. Utilising common communication architectures between all devices, Omron provides seamless connectivity and simplified solutions for migrating information from the automation to IT environment, enabling us to realise the evolution to the smart, “connected factory”.

To assist manufacturers, Omron has launched its i-Automation programme, which is intended to provide manufacturers with a consistent, reliable way of ensuring they can meet both consumer demands and the changing needs of industry. i-Automation is based on three ‘i’s – integrated, intelligent and interactive. Together these three pillars can combine to provide manufacturers with the highest levels of quality, sustainability and operational excellence that will help meet any future demands.

Manufacturers face many challenges when moving towards an agile and flexible production environment. It is only when they are confident of meeting both the demands set by consumers and the markets that they can begin the journey to truly flexible manufacturing and the ultimate goal of the digital factory. Omron’s complete range of hardware and software products have been designed from the ground up to assist that process by providing the highest levels of integration, highly advanced intelligence capabilities and safe and easy interaction between humans and machines. The i-automation philosophy is the shortest and quickest route for manufacturers to surpass customer expectations and achieve manufacturing excellence.

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SIGMATEK Automation UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Austrian SIGMATEK GmbH & Co KG, provides a complete service spanning initial control concepts, integrated automation solutions, customer training and full after sales and engineering support.

As a world-class manufacturer, we draw on our wealth of engineering experience to offer unique and innovative solutions. From high-speed robot applications and advanced motion control to best-in-class automation solutions, we meet your needs.

Our complete portfolio of automation products covers virtually any application, and our unique ability to develop customer-specific designs solutions leaves no task unsolvable.

All of this is what makes us SIGMATEK.



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